Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Lately...

I like how I started a blog with all good intentions of posting regularly... and then life got away from me and this sort of fell by the wayside. I have been terribly busy at work with end of school year dealings and prepping for a big change in my position and duties next year. So every night when I get home from work it's pretty much pajama time! But I have been doing other things, I promise.

Peppers Skirt

I cooked, I got dressed, I paired vibrant colors together and was fascinated by them...

Much to my kitty's chagrin, I got a new phone (fancy) and I'm now on instagram.

May and June are busy months for presents, with graduation and birthdays. I do all my wrapping and purchasing in large chunks.

I promise to be around more! Hopefully things will slow down soon, especially now that the year is coming to a close.